K-array unveils Event line

Providing a niche audio solution for the event productions market, the K-array Event line offers complete audio kits for this visually-driven segment.

The Event-KREV102 is composed of a Kobra-KK102 loudspeaker featuring Pure Array Technology to provide uniform coverage and a Thunder-KMT12 subwoofer to deliver a big sound in the low range. The pole that connects the two elements is designed to create a continuous discreet line and to hide cables at the same time. The kit also comes with four Anakonda-KAN200+ loudspeakers for an alternative solution to the Kobra for easy integration in spatially-challenging applications.

Ever-changing client demands can be met with the Event-KREV101, the base element of the Event line. The mono Kobra-KK102 and Thunder-KMT12 combination can be used as the building blocks for a larger sound reinforcement at bigger venues or the modular component can stand on its own to provide background music or speech applications on a smaller scale.

The Event-KREV80 comprises four Anakonda- KAN200+ loudspeakers designed to wrap around ar venue providing background music throughout the event. To drive the passive speakers, the set includes a Thunder-KMT12 powered subwoofer which features a high performance-to-size ratio that enables simple setup and integrates seamlessly.